Private Collections

M. Alderman American Standard
C. and W. Baker-Cohn   The Wedding
C. Barrett and M. Durney   Veneration
R. L. Bruns   Sarah the Hot Dog
C. Campbell   Charlotte's Space Angel (Commission)
E. Clarke and G. Thomas   Angel Boy; Now You See Me, Now You Don't; Aywanasit/set; Facing My Sun
C. Crider   I'm Lucky; Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
L. Fournier and G. Slack   Hope the Bee Lady
D. Friedman and P. Meyer   Holy Man; The Storyteller; Two Bulls
J. Galante and P. Faso   Seeing Eye Table
R. Henderson   Michael
M.L. Hicks   Shaman in Snow
S. Hyman   "Egg" Fireplace mantel (Commission)
"Horse" Hall table (Commission)
K. Iudicello and S. Cully   Nipper
M. Katz   Olympic Torch Stand (Commission)
C. Kruger and D. Doetsch   The Bell Ringer
L. Lester and E. Chicolo   I Hear Your Voice; Monel Holds Two Worlds
E. and E. Lichtenwalter   Table Scraps
B. Lopez   The Key; The Runner (Commissions)
P. Luo   Reach
R. and S. Rosenthal   So Many Books, So Little Time aka "Eddie" (Commission)
Rosenthal/Borchardt Collection   Armed and Dangerous
Sid's Lion
A. Roth   Iron Maiden; Three Children
M. Spaulding and E. Detjens   Garden Angel (Commission)
P. Wassem   Picasso's Bull
L. Zorr   Ascension of Mare Island